By purchasing membership you are accepting the terms and conditions of WGRC membership, and our codes of conduct.  These can be found on line to read.

On checkout make sure your postal address, email and telephone number are correct as these are what will be used for BRC.

We offer a selection of options when joining WGRC, and these depend on the time of year you join, and if you have been a member before.

Options are

  •   Special discount for 2023 members, if you are rejoining get £6 off the 2024 fee. This expires on the 14th of February, so you must join and pay before this date.
  •   New to WGRC, join early and start training and getting discounts (excludes competitions)  before the official 2024 season (open from 1st November 2023).
  •   Half price membership is now available for those who want join after the 1st of July.  This allows you to be a full member and compete for WGRC at Area 9 and National competitions, as well as get the relevant discounts and training opportunities.

Thank you for joining WGRC.
Note. On check out, you will be asked for your membership number. Add any eight digit number, or your old membership number.