Just got in the door from a very eventful day . 7.30 start helping Area15 set up.I would just like to say I do love this job great riders and there horses. We started with the team 80 senior and they put there mark on to a very tricky oversized in some places but they went out and rode brilliant and with this they came 2nd only being beaten by 2 seconds. Our individuals went and again they rode brilliant both coming home safe.Juniors next and as always great team spirit unfortunately it wasnt to be for the team of only 3. Individual Tara Plaister 4th and Jo Byrne 5th. Individual junior Morgan Marie Kent 1st. Unfortunately the radios went down unfortunately it was then delayed 2hrs for the 90 to start the 90 team were also only running with 3 the course was again tricky but they did there best in the conditions . Individual 90 went to winner winner chicken diner Amy Smith. Unfortunately Ben Newman who still went round didnt get placed today . So a very well done to all riders and there steads. Big thank you goes to Ben Greenwood massive thanks to Rosemary Swadden Nicola Brown Heather Beresford Elizabeth Long and Claire Tobin just got to wait to see if the team and Individuals get to go to the Festival of the horse xxx. Thanks to Sue Allen for the report.