Wessex Gold hosted the Area 9 training day using the BRC training grant on the 1st of May. The day was held at Rectory Farm, a well known and central equestrian centre, who have excellent facilities. Jonathan Canty, BRC judge and trainer attended to talk the riders and those watching through what the classes consisted of and what the judge was looking for to gain maximum marks. All clubs within Area 9 had been invited to attend the day, and put forward some riders for each section. Unfortunately numbers were low throughout, so Wessex Gold took advantage of the situation and put forward five riders, two of which were junior riders. The low numbers allowed those riding to have a more in depth training based session. In the Jumping with Style, the group walked the course with Jonathan as he explained the pitfalls that the course builder may include, and what was required as they rode the course. Each rider then rode the course, received feedback and then rode the course again. Each round was recorded, and over lunch in the pavilion, the rounds were played on the TV and discussed within the group. This part of the training was of particular interest , as Jonathan explained what mark he would give and why. He also explained how extra marks could be gained, with changes to position or the tempo of the canter. The afternoon session welcomed those to the Riding Test. Again the tests, score sheets and series of marks were explained, before the riders warmed up to ride the test. After each test, recommendations were made and the rider got to ride it again, taking these on board. Both tests were recorded and then discussed after all the sessions over coffee and cake.
Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day, so thank you to those riders from Cotswold Edge, VWH, Swindon and Wessex Gold. It was such a shame that more from the area did not attend, as the day was very informative, even for those watching. The day was planned to introduce and explain these classes to those in Area 9, and with the area event planned for this weekend, Wessex Gold are pleased to have one senior team, and a junior individual entered. Thanks must go to those of Wessex Gold who put the event on, Rectory Farm for their great facilities and Jonathan Canty, who proved to be an excellent trainer, and certainly promoted the classes.