Wgrc held the first of their Awards Dinner and Dance evenings on October the 25th st the Hilton Hotel in Swindon. Lottie Parkin, WGRC Social Secretary did an excellent job in finding the venue and making sure the evening was a great success.

Much fun was had with the pre dinner “parcel parcel” which saw each table un wrap a surprise and task. One of the highlights of the night was watching Chair Person, Jo Howse and Team trainer, Ben Greenwood, dance the YMCA whilst wearing sparkly “do boppers”on their heads.

After everyone had tucked into three courses of lovely food the presentations started. Riders who competed for the club at National level were rewarded for their efforts and commitment, and ultimately their success in actually achieving the success to get to the championship. Awards and congratulations were given to;

Steph Chresswell and Sophie Reeves who not only qualified but were also placed at the Festival of the Horse National Eventers Challenge.

Rosettes were given to those who competed in the new South west championships which were held at Hartpury, for those teams who were placed second and third in the qualifiers. We were delighted to have been crowned SWRC Show jumping champions. These riders were Ted Carty, Becky White, Wendy Lappingdon, and Tara Plaister.
Our Dressage Divas were – Chloe Reeves, David Wood, Ted Carty and Steph Swadden who ended up 11th as a team, with some individual placings.

Our National Winters competitors where also thanked for their performances in the Dressage held at Bury Farm – Zoe Thompson, David Wood, Rita west, Jo manning, Janet stares, and Wendy Lappingdon.

We also had success within the summer qualifiers sending riders to each National Championship. These riders were rewarded with their rosettes and Club saddle pads sporting the Nationals Star. These riders were
For Eventing – Lottie Parkin and Amy Clapham
Show jumping with style. Ted Carty
Dressage. Lisa Sterrow
Combined training. Abbie Robins

The awards didn’t stop there. There were also new awards given by the Trainers, the Chair Person and for those horses, ponies and riders who excelled. Those nominated were

Chair persons award.
Sue Austen, Ted Carty, Lottie Parkin, Rosemary Swadden – with the award going to Sue Austen
Marie Kent.
Jo Howse, Ted Carty, Chloe Weavern – with the award going to Jo Howse
John bowman.
Lucy Rixon, Alex Solan, Tara Plaister, Jeanette Wright, – with the award going to Lucy Rixon
Ben greenwood.
Wendy Lappingdon, Jill Careless, Sophie Reeves – with the award going to Wendy Lappingdon
Pammy Hutton.
Louise Tobin, Jane Wood, Diane Kilshaw – with the award going to Diane Kilshaw
Tanya Neville.
Jenny Hughes, Michele Keefe, Lottie parkin, Alex Sloan – with the award going to Alex Solan
Katie cox.
Rosie Kinneir, Margret Howell, Anneca Storey – with the award going to Rosie Kinneir
RE trained Race Horse of the Year
Prince Zar, Royal Bruere, Five Boys, Trozulon – with the award going to Prince Zar
Pony of the year.
Stella Artois, Ready Steady Go, Peters Top Jock, Clancy’s Boy – with the award going to Ready Steady Go
Horse of the year.
Harley Kinski, Loxley Monkey, Pink House Lady, Smartie party – with the award going to Harley Kinski
Junior competitor of the year –
Zoe Thompson, Sophie Reeves, Abbie Robins, Chloe Reeves, Steph Cresswell with the award going to Zoe Thompson
Senior competitor of the year
Wendy Lappingdon, Becky White, Ted Carty, Jo Manning – with the award going to Wendy Lapingdon
Awards were also given to those “Amazing Husbands” who have helped out and supported the club, mostly for the sake of an easy life at Home, so thanks must go to – Phil, Phil, Clive, Frank, and Jason.

Thanks must go to Social Secretary Lottie Parkin, who did an amazing job arranging the venue, menu, raffle prizes and setting up the room, as well at preparing the extra entertainment on the evening. Everyone had a great time and it was great to see everyone clean and preened with their best outfits. I’m sure I am not alone in looking forward to next years event.