One team and one individual competed at the recent CT event at Hartpury. Unfortunately we were all spread out times wise so we didn’t get to support each other as a team, but we did all have great fun. It was a lovely Saturday to be out competing, bright and dry. Having not been to Hartpury for a good few years, OTS (my horse), Sharon (lovely groom for the day) & I arrived in plenty of time. The event itself was extremely well run & all the helpers were very nice. My dressage test was just after a break so the large warm up area was quite quiet when I went in. OTS warmed up well, then off we went. The test itself was ok, my first ever attempt at novice which I enjoyed, I just have to remember to breath & actually ride once I’ve gone up the centre line. The SJ was in the main arena which I thought was fantastic, OTS and I have never jumped in anywhere so grand. I got caught out with the new whip rule but thankfully a lovely RC competitor lent me theirs just as I went into the ring. We did a nice clear round but gained 1 SJ time fault, so needs to be more flowing. Amy Mawson & Joanne Lumb were the other 2 team members. Amy and her lovely boy also really enjoyed themselves. Amy said her boy reverted back to his younger race horse mentality putting in a few extra shapes and manoeuvres in the dressage, and lost concentration in the SJ as it was all far too exciting being in that big main ring. Amy was really pleased with him though and is pleased that he feels well enough to still have that extra spring in his step despite being 19 not a 4 year yr old like he behaved. Jo competed on her young horse and so it was a great outing for him. Jo said Jenson found the dressage warm up a little daunting, so he never really relaxed at all but he did well in his first ever test. Jo was very pleased with him. Jo also loved the SJ, the big arena was amazing and there were loads more room to warm up in both the top arena & just outside the main arena which was fab. The course rode well and was nicely built, which is very positive for any competitor especially for those on young or inexperienced horses/combinations. The team came a respectable 15th, with a 5th place for OTS and myself.
Mia Bates competed as an individual Junior and competed in the BE90 Test 96/SJ 85 cm. Mia really enjoyed the day, thought it was really well run & the SJ fab being in the main arena. Mia came an amazing 1st, what a great start to 2020.
If you’ve never competed for the RC for whatever reason, I would definitely say give it a go. The training is really good & fun. The venues used and the running of the competitions are of a high standard, so give it a go.

Thanks to Sam for the report of the day