Please note that microchipping of horses will be mandatory from October.  BRC are now asking for microchip numbers on team declaration sheets in place of passport numbers and from October, any horse not microchipped will NOT be allowed to compete at BRC events.
I have also received the information below regarding the new whip rule –

After some confusion from some members across all areas I just wanted to re-circulate the new BS whip specifications and rules (which apply to BRC). Specifically the first line of the rule change meaning the only style whips are not to be used in warm up, in the lorry park or across the road or in a field nearby if the venue has one.


“No rider may carry, use or permit to be used a whip other than as detailed below, in the arena, the collecting ring or anywhere, on, or in the immediate vicinity of the showground.”


This means no schooling whips in warm-up as well.