In what is a strange, distressing, frightening time, our horses remain a massive part of our lives, because we need them, and they need us. BRC have recently sent a statement that all Riding club activities of any sort must be cancelled until the end of June. This includes all clinics, social events, competitions and meetings. Due to this statement, WGRC cannot run any clinics or events due to our insurance being void. The clinics at Talland, are run by Talland and we as members have been invited.
Since the 21 day lockdown from the 24th of March, all trainers have ceased training.  Once this changes we will advise you accordingly.

Previous to this date, Talland were running clinics and these were open to all, so any rider, regardless of if you are or are not a member can attend. These can be booked via our website, thus using the website as a booking system only.

Our other trainers details are below, so once restrictions have been removed, they are happy for you to contact them directly if you wish to, but any sessions with them are outside of WGRC. We will keep you informed of any sessions that these trainers offer, and if they wish to use the website as a booking system, we will advise you of this. Alternatively you will need to book and pay the trainer directly.

Ben Greenwood. 07715 115729.   Johnathan Bowman 07905 602791           Marie Kent 07814 622619    Tanya Nevile 07721 39036. Talland 01285 740155

Stay safe everyone.