The Dressage teams for Rabson on 17th July are
Senior Prelim – Wendy Lappington, Josephine Manning, Stephanie Swadden and Megan Field with Madge Claridge and Teresa Carty riding as Individuals.

Senior Open – Abigail May Evans, David Wood , Tiffany Lay and Emma Dunkley with Janine Collishaw as an individual

Lisa Sterrow will be riding in the Individual Medium class

Juniors (RT team and junior team) – Abbie Robins, Chloe Reeves, Louisa Tobin, Katherine James, and Morgan Kent. (each junior will get to ride in at least 1 team but the final line-ups will be announced next week)

Well done everyone – it is lovely to see so many come forward to represent the club.

You can pay for your entries on the website (£15 per class). There is also 2 unaffiliated classes is anyone wants a warm-up but you will need to enter these yourselves (the schedule is on the BRC area 9 website).
As always – Emma must have a copy of your horses passport to check vaccinations.

Any problems please let me know ASAP