Back from a cold Summerhouse . The dressage divas did good. Lottie Parkin and Becky Warner were our path finders both doing a nice consistent test, Lottie (arena 1) 62.8% Becky (arena 2) 63.5%.Then Laura Watts and Wendy Lappington both doing a lovely test both getting 70.9% Laura (arena 1) and Wendy (arena 2).  Also competing as individuals were Nicola Brown (arena 1) 66.1% ,  Louise Kelly Ramaer (arena 2) 70.7%, and Hollie Cowley (arena 2) 70.4%. So individual placings went to Wendy 3rd,  Laura 5th,  Louise 7th, and Hollie 9th,  unfortunately rosettes were only upto 6th . Then the afternoon saw the Novice tests start.   First on was Tiffany Lay (arena 1) 62.5% and Hollie Cowley (arena 2) 72.9% , followed by Nicola Allen (arena 1) who did a lovely test, but robbed receiving a really mean  61.9% , followed by Dawn Wilkins (arena 2) 65.2% then poor Terena Gough with Jake, who was doing some buckaroos in the warm up (arena 2) but managed to keep it together scoring 62.9% .Individual placings went to Hollie Cowley coming equal 2nd. Then the waiting game began to see how the teams got on.  There were 27 teams competing within Area 9; so when the Wessex Gold Team comprising of Wendy Lappington, Laura Watts, Tiffany Lay and Hollie Cowley came a fantastic 2nd, and qualifing for the championship held at Arena UK, it was a massive woohoo!!!!!!!  I thoroughly enjoyed my virgin experience of being chef du quip for dressage,  I hope Janet Stares is back up and running soon .  Love Sue Allen xx