Being a member of WGRC means that you can put yourself forward for the Area 9 competitions, throughout the year.  They run competitions at various heights and levels in Dressage, Show jumping, Eventers Challenge, Horse Trials, Dressage to Music and Combined training.

Dates for these competitions are detailed within the calendar of WGRC and also on the Area 9 website (

All the rules and restrictions for horse and rider are detailed on the BRC website, or you can ask the Chef d equip from WGRC.

Those wanting to compete, must email a copy of their horses passport to (front pages and all the vaccination pages), and any winnings / points at BE, BD, BS must be detailed to the Chef d equip.

WGRC pay, on competitors behalf, the prelim entry fee which goes to BRC (one per competition for DTM) but team and individuals competitors, are to pay their own entries on the WGRC website.  Prelim entries are sent to BRC a month pre to the competition, and once we have committed to compete, WGRC are liable for the entry fee, regardless of if we send anyone, and BRC do not refund entries under any circumstance. Once the selection has been done by the Team Trainer, the Chef d equine will advise the competitors of the selection, and reserves will be advised.  These selected riders will then need to pay their entry to WGRC. In the event that a rider needs to withdraw, if it is outside of 7 days pre the competition, and there is a reserve, the reserve rider will pay the entry fee, and the original rider will be refunded.  If it is inside of the 7 days, the original rider will not be refunded, and the reserve will ride free, as compensation for being called to ride at the last minute.

In the event that a rider chooses not to ride, or does not turn up at the competition, and cannot produce a vet or doctors certificate, the committee can choose to charge that rider the Prelim entry fee.

Riders wanting to compete for WGRC, must attend at least one training session.  This is a stipulation as WGRC send a team trainer to the competition to support the team (at no cost to the member) so it is essential that the trainer sees the horse and rider, so that the training on the day suits the combination, to achieve the best result possible.

We also ask for competitors to attend training as we believe that creating a team bond, is key for a good performance as well as a good, fun day out, which is what Riding Club is all about, fun and friendship.