80 cms team competition results
The 80cms were split into 3 sections for individuals
Senior 80cms (Lincoln Qualifier )
1st Alexis Symes and Glen Carter for Bath
2nd Kelly Clack and Scarecrow for Frampton
3rd Helena Miller and Fydo for VWH
4th Alison Odle Hawkins and Cornish Sparks for Berkley
5th Laura Postlethwaithe on Cheeko V for VWH
6th Nicola Doubtfire on Otto for Frampton

Junior 80cms (Lincoln qualifier)
1st Jamie Hulbert Brown on Freddie for Bath
2nd Katie Hathaway on Tuddle Lane for Bath
3rd Georgina Elliott on Brelston Noah’s Arc for Cotswold Edge
4th Olivia Pethers on Duke for Bath
5th Sophie Lindsay on Lea Side Lady for Bath

80cms OPEN section for Lincoln
1st Sheenagh Bragg on Blue Pearl Lady for Frampton
2nd Stephanie Carter on My Classy Dream for Cotswold Edge

80cms Teams
Senior Teams
1st VWH
2nd Frampton Family
3rd Bath
4th Berkley

80cms Juniors
1st Bath

Photos available from AJS photography