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Helpers for the combined training

Jobs for sunday
Dressage writers Arena A HT 90 start 10am Frances Stokesberry, Arena D start 11am Jill Carless
Dressage steward and Tack check – Tracey GlynAndtracey Hannaford and Tiffany Lay. start at 9.45
Show Jumping steward Lisa Woods start at 11am
Tack check Show jumping from 12pm Heather Muir and Issy, Emma Dunkley, Tack check from 11am till 12pm
Abby Wharton show jumping commenter from 11am till 2.30
Jenny Hughes show jumping judge
Jo Howse secretary
Rita West and Clive scoring from 10am
Claire and Phil and Lisa Woods gang on arena party
so the event kicks off with the first ones dressaging at 10am, with the last one in at 1.30pm
Show Jumping kicks off at 11am and is finished by 2.30pm
thank you so much for supporting wgrc at this competition, we couldnt do it without you. lunch will be provided for all of you.

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Times for Sunday’s event (17/04/16)

Please see the times for the dressage and combined training this Sunday, held at Tumpy Green.

Times detailed are for both the BRC competition and the unaffiliated competition.  These are now version two updated 9am Friday (only amends as per emails with particular clubs which do not effect previous times).

There are four arenas, A, B, C and D, these are detailed on the times so please be aware of which arena you are in.

All numbers, hat tagging, passport checking will be done in the secretaries tent which will be located in the secretaries horse box.

The show jumping course will be set at 75cms and ready for walking as you arrive.  The course will be increased in height (but remain the same) after the last 75cms jumps (approx 1pm) and ready for walking imediatley afterwards.

We look forward to seeing you all at the event and thank all those at Tumpy Green for helping out so we could run the competition within Area 9.


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New venue secured for Sunday

Good news everyone. Tumpy Green on the A38 Gloucester Road by Dursley can host the WGRC competition on Sunday. All of those in the BRC classes, you get to ride and have your handle to qualify. Those who were doing the unaffiliated classes, can you let the secretary, Teresa Carty know ASAP if you are willing to change venue as we need to look at numbers ASAP so we can plan times.

Tumpy Green Lane, Cam, Dursley, Gloucestershire GL11 5HZ


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Update on competition on the 17th April

Due to all the wet weather that the South West has had over the weekend, it has resulted in the fields at Rabson Manor being too wet to support the competition due to the lorry park being under water.  The forecast for the rest of the week is “April showers”, and so little or no chance of it drying up ready for Sunday.  As the competition is also hosting the BRC Area 9 Combined Training Qualifer, the team of EGRC are looking at alternative venues or new dates to postpone the competition to.  A decision and plan of how / where / when the competition will be held will be advised by tomorrow lunch time (12th April).  Those who have entered the Open classes will then be able to choose to move with the competition or have a refund.  As you can imagine the team are all working hard to come up with a solution so please bear with us.  Many thanks. Team WGRC

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WGRC name Area 9 Combined training teams

Sue Allen, Chef d Equip for WGRC, has named her teams for the up coming Area 9 Combined training competing on the 17th of April.  The competition, hosted by WGRC and held at Rabson Manor will see two senior teams and two junior individuals compete to qualify for the National Champioships to be held at Aston le Walls.

Team Claret will consist of Kate Livermore riding Kinsley Dollar AR and Wendy Lappington riding Loxley Monkey who will ride the 100q dressage and jump 85cm, Ted Carty riding Harley Kinski and Michelle Kieffe riding Robert H who will ride the 90q dressage and jump 75cm.
Team Merlot will consist of Hollie Cowley riding My friend Jackson and Amy Smith riding Oaklands Seashell, who will ride the 100q dressage and jump 85cms, and Anneka Storey riding Rupert, and Jo Byrne riding Peters Top Jock riding the 90q dressage and jumping 75cm.
Our Individual Juniors will be Abbie Robins riding Adrian the 2nd and Sophie Barnes riding Mullientine My Rose both competing in the 100q dressage with 85cm show jumping.

Ben Greenwood, team trainer will be on hand to warm up the competitors from WGRC, so we wish them all the best and will see them there, and hopefully at the championships.

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Area 9 Dressage qualifier report

The club put forward 2 teams and two individuals to the above event at Leyland Court on Feb 28th. The teams were made up of David Wood, Wendy Lappington, Bex Greenwood, Rita West, Kim Swift, Janet Stares and Ryan Hawkins. Unfortunately, at the last minute Ryan’s 2 Elementary horses went lame on the same day, so Janet Stares stepped up from Novice and Terena Gough bravely agreed to do the other elementary on Jake, who hadn’t been out for quite a while. That meant that there was a spare Novice and Kate Brown kindly stepped in at the last minute.
It proved to be a day of two halves – the Prelim and Novice riders who went in the morning did fantastically well with David on Fran winning with Rita on Lexy coming 3rd in the Novice test and Wendy on Monkey coming 5th & Bex on Canabel 6th in their prelim. This means that David goes forward to the finals at Bury in April and put the teams in a commanding position.
Unfortunately, the afternoon riders did not fare so well – a rugby match complete with ambulance, lights and siren, did not add to an air of calm in the arena nearest the road and several horses were affected by the noise. Kate managed a creditable 16th and the others unfortunately coming further down the rankings, even so the teams managed 8th and 10th out of 24.
The two individual riders were Rose Swadden and Anneka Storey. Poor Rose had an awful day, arriving late due to the chauffeur oversleeping and then they broke down on the motorway on the way home. Rose’s test had some good marks and comments, but Snoozy suffered from her nerves and had some not so good bits. Anneka’s Arizona absolutely hated a very hairy cob in the warm-up which unsettled her in her test, but did some lovely work to come 17th.
As usual there was a fantastic team spirit , with lots of support from both Marie (Trainer ) and Anya (Team manager) and club mascot Mouse, yummy cake from Chloe and a multitude of friends and family that make riding for the Club fun and challenging. Onwards and upwards x


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Marie Kent times for the 18th of March

The times for the Marie Clinic at Forest View on Friday the 18th are:
4.30 Kate Livermore and Teresa Carty
5.30 Bex Greenwood
6.15 Amy Smith
7pm Jo Byrne
7.45 Lou (Claire Tobin)
Any problems, please contact the event organiser, Janet Stares.

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Lost Cause clean up

The WGRC quiz night proved to be a great success with over seventy people enjoying a Saturday night out.  With nine teams battling it out over eight rounds, with a pause for the much needed Sausage and Chips, teams proved their knowledge on Movies, Food, Sport, Horse and Hound, Movie sound tracks, 2016 and two picture rounds.  The Lost Cause Team, made up of Rita & Clive West, Margret and Phil Howell, Tiffany Lay and guests, won with a convincing 84 points.  The winners were closely followed by the all female team, The Hot Flushes, who had Maisey the Whippet as their secret weapon, with 79 points.  Maisey when not attending quizzes is the WGRC dressage mascot.  Third place went to the largest team, The Trow Lane Trollops, with 77 points.  Thank you to all who attended, it was a great night, with plenty of fun had by all, and thank you to all of the committee who got involved in the organisation and helping out on the night.

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