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WGRC name show jumping teams for Sunday

The teams are as follows

Jumping with style senior team
75cms. Ted Carty on Harley and Steph Swadden on Pink House Lady
85 cms. Janine Collishaw on Ballygriffin Bonbon and Wendy Lappingdon on Loxley Monkey

Junior individual jumping with style at 75cms Abbie Ellison on Royal breure

Senior 80cms teams

Team Merlot
Wendy Lappingdon on Loxley Monkey
Janine Collishaw on Ballygriffin Bonbon
Tara Plaister on I Win Van Orshof
Jenny Hughes on Indie

Team Claret
Jo Manning on Llanbabo Liberty
Becky White on An Irish Knight
Lucy Rixon on TBA
Amy Clapham and Trozulon

Junior 95 individual. Abbie Robins on Adrian the 2nd

Junior 1.10m individuals. Sophie Reeves on Filly Rouge and Steph Cresswell on Uno

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WGRC host Area 9 demo day

Wessex Gold hosted the Area 9 training day using the BRC training grant on the 1st of May. The day was held at Rectory Farm, a well known and central equestrian centre, who have excellent facilities. Jonathan Canty, BRC judge and trainer attended to talk the riders and those watching through what the classes consisted of and what the judge was looking for to gain maximum marks. All clubs within Area 9 had been invited to attend the day, and put forward some riders for each section. Unfortunately numbers were low throughout, so Wessex Gold took advantage of the situation and put forward five riders, two of which were junior riders. The low numbers allowed those riding to have a more in depth training based session. In the Jumping with Style, the group walked the course with Jonathan as he explained the pitfalls that the course builder may include, and what was required as they rode the course. Each rider then rode the course, received feedback and then rode the course again. Each round was recorded, and over lunch in the pavilion, the rounds were played on the TV and discussed within the group. This part of the training was of particular interest , as Jonathan explained what mark he would give and why. He also explained how extra marks could be gained, with changes to position or the tempo of the canter. The afternoon session welcomed those to the Riding Test. Again the tests, score sheets and series of marks were explained, before the riders warmed up to ride the test. After each test, recommendations were made and the rider got to ride it again, taking these on board. Both tests were recorded and then discussed after all the sessions over coffee and cake.
Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the day, so thank you to those riders from Cotswold Edge, VWH, Swindon and Wessex Gold. It was such a shame that more from the area did not attend, as the day was very informative, even for those watching. The day was planned to introduce and explain these classes to those in Area 9, and with the area event planned for this weekend, Wessex Gold are pleased to have one senior team, and a junior individual entered. Thanks must go to those of Wessex Gold who put the event on, Rectory Farm for their great facilities and Jonathan Canty, who proved to be an excellent trainer, and certainly promoted the classes.

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WGRC Dressage Champoinships

Watch this space – we’re going to run a Dressage Championship at the WGRC show on a surface.

There will be classes for members from W&T to Elem and the member with the highest score will be Champion. There will also be champions at each level. Details to follow

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Riders required for the Area 9 Dressage Qualifier

Calling all members – The Area 9 Dressage qualifier is on July 17th at Rabson Manor

There are classes for Senior and Juniors, Teams or Individuals, Prelim to Adv Med, plus pairs and Riding Tests so something for everyone.

 New for 2016 This is not just a qualifier for Lincoln – there’s now a separate Prelim team and RT Championships at Hartbury on August 20th for BRC areas in the South West and South Wales. You need to decide up front if you want to be considered for Lincoln (September 10th to 11th), but this does not stop you going to Hartbury if you do not qualify. The full rules and schedule are available on the area website


The Classes are:

SENIOR Prelim DRESSAGE TEAM & Individuals & SWWRC Qualifier Teams of 4 riders all riding Prelim 14(2006) best 3 scores count

JUNIOR Dressage Qualifier & SWWRC Qualifier Teams of 4 riders riding P7 (2002) ; P12(2005); P14(2006) &N24 (2010)

JUNIOR Pairs Dressage (BRC Pairs 5(2014)

SENIOR Pairs Dressage (BRC Pairs 5(2014)

JUNIOR Riding Test & SWWRC Qualifier teams of 4 riders all riding BRC Prelim RT(2014)

SENIOR Riding Test & SWWRC Qualifier teams of 4 riders 2 x BRC Prelim RT(2014) 2 x BRC Novice RT(2016)

SENIOR OPEN Dressage Teams of 4 riders: N24 (2010) ; N27 (2007) ; N28 (2009) and E43(2006)

JUNIOR Elementary 43(2006) INDIVIDUALS ONLY 20×60

PYO Medium 69(2005)or Adv Medium 91 (2016) INDIVIDUALS ONLY, Open to Seniors & Juniors 20×60

Prelim & Novice tests will be on grass, while the Elem, Medium & Adv Medium will be on a surface in a 20×60 arena.

If you want to be put forward, please let Janet Stares ([email protected]) know ASAP. She needs you and your Horse’s name and class(es) that you want to be considered for and if you want to be in a team for Lincoln or Hartbury, or ride as an Individual.

As always, BRC rules apply to both you and your horse so please let me know if you have any (and how many) BD points you have and what BD group rider you are. For example to do a prelim, a horse cannot have any BD points, To do Novice <124 and elem <199.

Your horses’ vaccinations must be up to date and Emma Dunkley will also need a copy of its’ passport to double check this.

We endeavor to give everyone a chance to ride for the cub, but to ensure that we put the right people together Marie Kent, our Team trainer must have seen you and your horse in a clinic or at a private lesson. See the website for clinics and her contact details.


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Times for Marie Clinic 21st May

The times for Saturday at the Old Kennels Cirencester are:

1pm Poles session

Ted Carty; Margaret Howell;  Claire Tobin and Amy Clapham

2pm Flatwork

Shaun and Sally Snowden

If there’s any problem parking in the lorry park, you can go down to the bottom and park there

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Area 9 competitions

Being a member of WGRC means that you can put yourself forward for the Area 9 competitions, throughout the year.  They run competitions at various heights and levels in Dressage, Show jumping, Eventers Challenge, Horse Trials, Dressage to Music and Combined training.

Dates for these competitions are detailed within the calendar of WGRC and also on the Area 9 website (

All the rules and restrictions for horse and rider are detailed on the BRC website, or you can ask the Chef d equip from WGRC.

Those wanting to compete, must email a copy of their horses passport to [email protected] (front pages and all the vaccination pages), and any winnings / points at BE, BD, BS must be detailed to the Chef d equip.

WGRC pay, on competitors behalf, the prelim entry fee which goes to BRC (one per competition for DTM) but team and individuals competitors, are to pay their own entries on the WGRC website.  Prelim entries are sent to BRC a month pre to the competition, and once we have committed to compete, WGRC are liable for the entry fee, regardless of if we send anyone, and BRC do not refund entries under any circumstance. Once the selection has been done by the Team Trainer, the Chef d equine will advise the competitors of the selection, and reserves will be advised.  These selected riders will then need to pay their entry to WGRC. In the event that a rider needs to withdraw, if it is outside of 7 days pre the competition, and there is a reserve, the reserve rider will pay the entry fee, and the original rider will be refunded.  If it is inside of the 7 days, the original rider will not be refunded, and the reserve will ride free, as compensation for being called to ride at the last minute.

In the event that a rider chooses not to ride, or does not turn up at the competition, and cannot produce a vet or doctors certificate, the committee can choose to charge that rider the Prelim entry fee.

Riders wanting to compete for WGRC, must attend at least one training session.  This is a stipulation as WGRC send a team trainer to the competition to support the team (at no cost to the member) so it is essential that the trainer sees the horse and rider, so that the training on the day suits the combination, to achieve the best result possible.

We also ask for competitors to attend training as we believe that creating a team bond, is key for a good performance as well as a good, fun day out, which is what Riding Club is all about, fun and friendship.

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Area 9 Combined Training Report (17/04/16)

This was my first task since joining the committee this year, and it was to be Chief de quip for the Area 9 Combined training, held on Sunday 17th April. The week running up to the competition was a little testing as the venue that was hosting the combined training had to cancel due to the weather. As it was Wessex Gold organising the event, we were keen to find a new venue. Jo Howse and the rest of the committee including the competition secretary, Ted Carty, went on a mission to find another venue, which they did,  Tumpy Green near Dursley, in Gloucestershire. Unfortunately due to the change of venue and being further away,  we had riders pull out leaving us short on team members to compete. However with some persuasive appeals, I did manage to replace two spaces which were Jo Bryne and Fiona Whiteway, so thank you for standing in . I then had to look at a way to rearrange the teams, using some of our individuals riders, and luckly on the Saturday evening Bex Greenwood, who is not 100% health wise,  stepped in so we had two full teams, so thank you Bex Greenwood .
The sunday morning arrived, with sunshine, however the field was a little sticky and some lorries were towed in and out. Ben Greenwood went to work, warming up the riders up individually for their dressage tests. The arena that Jo Bryne and Michelle Kieffe had the worst of the ground, and was very sticky in areas and although they both did lovely tests, both Rupert and Peter struggled with the going.  Wendy Lappington and Amy Smith both did a lovely test in their arena,  as did Ted Carty and Fiona Whiteway in their arena . Kate Livermore, Bex Greenwood, Abbie Robins and Sophie Barnes probably didnt have the kindest of judges, with lower scores that we would have expected, having watched them.  They too didn’t have the best of ground but all the Competitors were in the same boat.
On to the show jumping, again Ben warmed the riders up, walked the course with them, and chatted about their lines to certain jumps.  The course was a nice flowing course and the ground in the show jumping arena was good. Wendy, Ted, Michelle, Fiona and Abbie all jumped clear. Amy and Bex both knocked a pole and Kate and Jo both knocked two down. So all in all, they all had done a good job.  Unfortunately it wasn’t Sophie’s day and she was eliminated.
The results came in Team Claret 5th, but then result changed and on the Area 9 website, were awarded 4th, so a very well done. Team Merlot came 11th, so also a good result out of 24 teams. Individually, Abbie Robins on Adrian the 2nd was 2nd,  Wendy Lappingdon on  Loxley Monkey was 3rd, Ted Carty on Harley Kinski was 4th and Amy Smith on Simon was 6th.
Congratulations to all the riders, you all rode beautifully, thank you Ben Greenwood for being a great team trainer and thank you to all the members who put themselves forward to do the training, to be considered to be part of our team.
I would also like to say a massive well done to Abbie Robins and Adrian the 2nd who have qualified for the Festival of the Horse in May, as they were the highest placed Junior rider, not in the winning team.

Just a little message if you would like to be in a team or ride as an individual for the Horse Trials or Eventers Challenge, later this year, please contact me.  You will need to come to at least one training session throughout the season to be considered, and be available for the championships.  All the dates of the Area 9 competitions and National competitions are detailed on the WGRC calendar.
Sue Allen


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Pammy Hutton clinic 30th April is cancelled

unfortunately Pammy had had to cancel the up coming clinic on the 30th of April as she is involved with the Blue Chip All Stars Academy that is being filmed at Talland next week – so very exciting for Talland
They have only just got the timetable and she is needed from 4.00 – 7.00 which clashes with our session we had booked.  All those booked in will be refunded.  The next Pammy clinic is the 5th june

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