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Let’s get going again

With Covid 19 restrictions and procedures now becoming the new normal, and BRC giving the green light for training, Wessex Gold are starting to get going again, offering you clinics which are safe, and within the guidelines set.

We would like to introduce a new trainer, Carolyn Rowe, who is BE and nearly BS accredited.  If you want to find out more about Carolyn, look on

Dates are now coming in from the trainers, so it’s time to dust of the travel boots and get your horse ready to go to a party.

The clinics are going to be fun and aimed at getting you back out there, so don’t feel pressured, or worried that you are unprepared, just get out there and have some fun.

Have a look on the diary to see what’s available




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Coronavirus update

In what is a strange, distressing, frightening time, our horses remain a massive part of our lives, because we need them, and they need us. BRC have recently sent a statement that all Riding club activities of any sort must be cancelled until the end of June. This includes all clinics, social events, competitions and meetings. Due to this statement, WGRC cannot run any clinics or events due to our insurance being void. The clinics at Talland, are run by Talland and we as members have been invited.
Since the 21 day lockdown from the 24th of March, all trainers have ceased training.  Once this changes we will advise you accordingly.

Previous to this date, Talland were running clinics and these were open to all, so any rider, regardless of if you are or are not a member can attend. These can be booked via our website, thus using the website as a booking system only.

Our other trainers details are below, so once restrictions have been removed, they are happy for you to contact them directly if you wish to, but any sessions with them are outside of WGRC. We will keep you informed of any sessions that these trainers offer, and if they wish to use the website as a booking system, we will advise you of this. Alternatively you will need to book and pay the trainer directly.

Ben Greenwood. 07715 115729.   Johnathan Bowman 07905 602791           Marie Kent 07814 622619    Tanya Nevile 07721 39036. Talland 01285 740155

Stay safe everyone.

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New Whip for show jumping & Microchips for 2020

Please note that microchipping of horses will be mandatory from October.  BRC are now asking for microchip numbers on team declaration sheets in place of passport numbers and from October, any horse not microchipped will NOT be allowed to compete at BRC events.
I have also received the information below regarding the new whip rule –

After some confusion from some members across all areas I just wanted to re-circulate the new BS whip specifications and rules (which apply to BRC). Specifically the first line of the rule change meaning the only style whips are not to be used in warm up, in the lorry park or across the road or in a field nearby if the venue has one.


“No rider may carry, use or permit to be used a whip other than as detailed below, in the arena, the collecting ring or anywhere, on, or in the immediate vicinity of the showground.”


This means no schooling whips in warm-up as well.


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AGM minutes 18th Feb 2020

Wessex Gold AGM 18th January 2020

Start 7.20pm

Welcome and thank you for attending

Chair persons report by Jo Howse

2019 has been an interesting year, we’ve had the Flu virus add to the worries of the horse owner, and restrict the competitions available to us, not to mention the now required six monthly vaccination required to compete under BRC

We ran the Area 9 show jumping qualifier at Rectory Farm, which initially was seen as a risk being on arenas, and at a new venue for BRC.  We had record entries, and because we had stated in the schedule that only the 70cms and style would run on grass, we could not run the 80cms on grass incase of competitors withdrawing.  The solution, a really long day using the all weather arena for the majority of the classes.  The competition was a big success, we ran on time, and feedback from competitors and judges was positive, so much so, we are running the 2020 qualifier, at Rectory on July 19th.

Unfortunately the hunter trial was not so successful in entries, resulting in a loss, even though Rabson Manor were more than supportive with the costs.  A massive thank you must be given to our helpers, as although within signing up for the membership, you committed to half a days helping, many help more regularly, sometimes recruiting family members as well.  Becky Austen has also been amazing producing food for both events, keeping our army matching on full bellies.

It was a great shame that Nicola and Sue stepped down, and we thank them for their hand work over the years that they were part of the committee. Sue, especially was amazing at chasing competitors to take part in the Area 9 competitions, and getting everyone organised to get there and competed.  We did put out to members the opportunity to join the committee, but unfortunately no one came forward.  It is a large commitment to make, and on reflection the existing committee has decided to absorb the additional roles within the team.

The Treasurer issued the accounts for 2019 for review by the floor.  Jo Howse reflected, On review of the Treasurers report, an obvious drop in clinic sales reflects the decrease in numbers at clinics that we have seen through 2019.  Some of this was due to the Flu outbreak, but also a general drop in people booking in.  As the club make a small amount on every clinic, we have seen a decrease in the profit, which we would normally use for subsidise prelim entry fees to BRC as well as paying for the trainers to attend.  With this in mind members would have seen that we are now asking for members to pay for their prelim fees and the entry fee this year.  This can make the entry expensive, but the prelim fee goes to BRC and the entry fee to the host club within area 9.  Depending on numbers attending the Team training and the competition, the club will take a view on sending a trainer to the competition.  My personal opinion is that we perform better with a trainer at the event, but without the funds coming in, we cannot promise a trainer for you. Now without Sue to chase and hold your hands, we ask that you put yourself forward if you want to compete by paying for your prelim entry on line.  A copy of your horses vaccinations is needed, and we do have a database that we will update as we receive updates.  Now all BRC competitions (not WGRC clinics) require your horse to be vaccinated every six months, so we really do need you to be proactive by giving us the update, as the vet does it.  We will also then update Area 9, so their data base remains correct.  This saves so much time, and disappointment if they are incorrect.

As the awards were not given at the Christmas party, due to the location and the,e of the evening, Jo Howse reported on the successes at the Area 9 competitions and National Championships.

Results from 2019

Show jumping

Winter qualifier at West Wilts

Kieron 2nd in the 80cms

Senior 80 team 5th, Claire Maidmemt, Becky Warner, Jeanette Wright and Sam Doyle

Senior 90 team, 2nd

Tara Plaister (1st), Anne Bowman (4th), Becky White, Christine Allen

Tara went onto the Intermediate championships and came 4th

Summer qualifier at Rectory Farm

80 team 5th. Jenny Hughes (1st), Amy Mawson, Lottie Parkin, Katie Pitts

90 team 1st , Lorraine Bone, Sam Doyle, Becky White, Anne Bowman

5th Lorraine Bone, Claire Maidment, Lottie Parkin

Combined training qualifier at Hartpury

Junior team won, Kieron Kent, Cameron , Sophie Barnes and Morgan Kent

Horse trials qualifier at West Wilts

80 cms, Claire Maidment 3rd, Kieron Kent 5th, Morgan Kent 1st on Freckles

90cms Morgan Kent on Levi 3rd

Freckles and a Morgan went on to win at the BRC championships and was the front cover star for the BRC magazine.


Teams and individuals went to Lincoln

Morgan and Don Amigo (Freckles) won the Elementary, and were second in the Novice championships

Junior team were 11th, Morgan, Kieron, Cam and Ellie

Tiffany Lay and Nico also went to Lincoln, but were not placed

Dressage to Music championships

Morgan and Freckles won the Novice

Tiffany and Frances Stokesberry with 5th in the pairs

Also sent a team to SWWRC at Hartpury – Stephanie Swadden, Amy Mawson, Claire Tobin and Claire Maidment

Winter champs Morgan and Levi qualified

Rosettes were given out to those who competed in National Championships

The chair persons also awarded the awarded to

Pony of the year – Helens Lad

Horse of the year – Don Amigo (Freckles)

Junior rider for the year –  Morgan Kent

Senior rider for the year – Tara Plaister

Chair persons award – to the Chesshire Family for taking the BRC ethos of supporting each other to the maximum.  They have helped out on many occasion, event if Hannah isn’t riding, and offer to help out and pick up fellow team members.

The committee were all voted back on as below

Angela Chesshire proposed Jo Howse to be Chair Person, seconded by Jenny Hughes

Jo Howse proposed Jo Manning as Secretary, seconded bu Amy Smith

Tiffany Lay proposed Jenny Hughes as Treasurer, seconded by Wendy Lapingdon

Claire Warman proposed Lottie Parkin as Social Secretary, seconded by Francis Stokesberry

Jo Howse proposed Sarah Elliott as Merchandise manager, seconded by Morgan Kent

Morgan Kent proposed Janet Stares as Dressage Manager, seconded by Tiffany Lay


Tiffany presented Janet Stares a 60th birthday gift and cake from many of the WGRC members to say thank you for her support and organising of the dressage Teams over the years.

Wendy Lapingdon voiced her concern over helpers from the club, not coming forward.  She felt these roles were often fulfilled by the same members, with many members not putting themselves forward, so getting out of what they have signed up to do, eg 1 x half day.  Wendy felt that maybe fining members would be a solution, as this is something other clubs have enforced with success.  There is the potential for two prices of membership, one where you must help, one which you do not need to?  Claire Warman felt that a Carrot, not stick approach might be better, by rewarding those who do help with clinic discounts.  The committee will discuss and implement a plan for 2021, as it would need to be signed into at the time of rejoining.

Jude Backers-Bunce asked if there were plans for any new trainers.  Jo Howse detailed that all the past trainers will still be available with Wessex Gold with the potential of Georgie Spence doing a clinic.  Jo also advised that Charlton Park has been added to the venue list, offering a large arena for dressage and show jumping, and in the summer on grass dressage arenas, show jump course and cross country schooling.

Meeting closed at 7.55pm

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Wessex Gold at the Area 9 combined training

One team and one individual competed at the recent CT event at Hartpury. Unfortunately we were all spread out times wise so we didn’t get to support each other as a team, but we did all have great fun. It was a lovely Saturday to be out competing, bright and dry. Having not been to Hartpury for a good few years, OTS (my horse), Sharon (lovely groom for the day) & I arrived in plenty of time. The event itself was extremely well run & all the helpers were very nice. My dressage test was just after a break so the large warm up area was quite quiet when I went in. OTS warmed up well, then off we went. The test itself was ok, my first ever attempt at novice which I enjoyed, I just have to remember to breath & actually ride once I’ve gone up the centre line. The SJ was in the main arena which I thought was fantastic, OTS and I have never jumped in anywhere so grand. I got caught out with the new whip rule but thankfully a lovely RC competitor lent me theirs just as I went into the ring. We did a nice clear round but gained 1 SJ time fault, so needs to be more flowing. Amy Mawson & Joanne Lumb were the other 2 team members. Amy and her lovely boy also really enjoyed themselves. Amy said her boy reverted back to his younger race horse mentality putting in a few extra shapes and manoeuvres in the dressage, and lost concentration in the SJ as it was all far too exciting being in that big main ring. Amy was really pleased with him though and is pleased that he feels well enough to still have that extra spring in his step despite being 19 not a 4 year yr old like he behaved. Jo competed on her young horse and so it was a great outing for him. Jo said Jenson found the dressage warm up a little daunting, so he never really relaxed at all but he did well in his first ever test. Jo was very pleased with him. Jo also loved the SJ, the big arena was amazing and there were loads more room to warm up in both the top arena & just outside the main arena which was fab. The course rode well and was nicely built, which is very positive for any competitor especially for those on young or inexperienced horses/combinations. The team came a respectable 15th, with a 5th place for OTS and myself.
Mia Bates competed as an individual Junior and competed in the BE90 Test 96/SJ 85 cm. Mia really enjoyed the day, thought it was really well run & the SJ fab being in the main arena. Mia came an amazing 1st, what a great start to 2020.
If you’ve never competed for the RC for whatever reason, I would definitely say give it a go. The training is really good & fun. The venues used and the running of the competitions are of a high standard, so give it a go.

Thanks to Sam for the report of the day

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Change of committee for 2020

With 2020 nearly here, and the WGRC AGM planned for the 18th of January, we are sad to say goodbye to both Sue Allen and Nicola Brown.  Both have been part of Wessex Gold for a number of years before stepping up a few years ago.  Sue was responsible for getting the competitors organised for Horse Trials, Combined Training, Eventers Challenge and Arena Eventing, as well as planning the clinics with Ben Greenwood and the planning of the WGRC Autumn Hunter Trial.  Being part of the team at Trow Lane Stud, means her days are busy and we thank her for the time she put into supporting WGRC.
Nicola was responsible for the membership forms, getting them into BRC as well as organising and collating all the passports of the competing horses, which with all the rules from BRC is no mean feat.  Nicola, who not only has two horses of her own, but who has also just taken on a new job, can no longer give the time needed to support this role.  Congratulations Nicola, we wish you well in your new job.
The club is therefore looking for new committee members to replace Sue and Nicola, so if you think you would like to be part of WGRC, let Jo Howse know.  In the meantime, Jo Howse will manage membership.

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BRC change Flu vaccination rules

In line with other affiliated associations, and some venues, BRC have amended their rules on Flu & Tet vaccinations, now being needed every six months, Plus clarification on when jabs are due pre an Area or National competition.

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